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[Pic] Got myself a new haircut

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy, The Future Thin Guy Likes on 08/21/2013 by Ganns Deen

After several months of growing my hair out so I could look like Lee Seung Woo…


This was where I wanted to go with my hair…

My wife said that she hated my long hair, and wanted to see me more clean cut. So game!

I went online to the K-Pop universe to look for a new hairstyle to emulate to match my still-fat face. Then I found one of Super Junior’s Shindong that I really liked.

shindong5Looks pretty good, yeah?

So to achieve this look, I first went to the neighborhood salon where the stylist gave me a new hair color for Php250. That’s right, Php250. #bestdealever

Then I went to Tony and Jackey’s Amoranto, where I’d been going for the past three years. Despite the steady stream of stylist changes, which can be infuriating sometimes when you build a relationship with the stylist you like, I like the service and the quality, so I went. The new stylist, Alvin, more than made up for my annoyance with the transfer of Sam, the previous stylist.

Snip-snip, razor-razor, and jajan! What do you think?


Before (that’s me in the glasses at the back)


After: My first pic on this blog since 2011. lol


Kenny Rogers Snacktime Savers

Posted in The Future Thin Guy Likes with tags on 04/19/2009 by Ganns Deen

I had forgotten how delicious and healthy Kenny Rogers Roasters meals were. Thanks to my good friend, Noelle, who reminded me that Roasters served healthy foods and snacks, I reacquainted myself with the franchise at their Market! Market! branch and found myself more than satisfied.

For the second time in a week, I ordered a Combo 4 (1/4 roasted chicken, rice, and Kenny’s Lite Iced Tea) for dine-in and a Chunky Tuna sandwich to take out. At PHP129 for the former and PHP75 for the latter, it’s a more than decent option compared to the cheaper but more unhealthy selections available for the health-conscious shopper.

When I bought my tuna sandwich today, however, I was given a sheet of paper that had the information on the left (click to enlarge). It was a flyer for Kenny Rogers Snacktime Savers: apparently, when you buy a sandwich, you can buy a second one at 50% off.

That’s a ridiculously good bargain, especially for me! That’s two chunky tuna sandwiches or two chunky chicken sandwiches for only a little over PHP100. Or two absolutely delicious pesto and mozarella sandwiches for PHP150. I don’t know about you, but for someone trying to watch portion size, this is a great relief! (I intend to try the other sandwiches now, believe me; I know the “chunky” ones aren’t as healthy as the others, thanks to the mayonnaise, but methinks it’s a filling and better option to the burgers or ulam-and-two-rice options that I usually accustom myself to during lunches at the office.)

Good massage oil for aching muscles

Posted in The Future Thin Guy Likes on 01/29/2009 by Ganns Deen

The past three days have been hard on my muscles. The chilly weather, my recent fast, and my hectic schedule haven’t helped start the year quite right, and in between the lower body work Tuesday, yesterday’s “welcome back” run, and this morning’s upper body routine, well, I’m all ouchies.

Thankfully, Cathy has a collection of massage oils meant specifically for this purpose. My favorite is the Amu’in Hulay Massage Oil with Lavender and Ylang-Ylang. Apparently, it’s meant to calm the senses and relax sore muscles, so when Cathy rubs some of this oil into my aching legs and arms… it’s just heaven! She really likes Amu’in because it’s locally produced, made with organic ingredients (fair trade!), and is readily available (the Echo store in Serendra sells it, so I can just walk to get a new bottle when it runs out); me, I like it because it does the trick of easing the aches and pains. (It smells a little girly, but, come on, it’s lavender and ylang-ylang, not garlic and cheese… ooh, a garlic and cheese massage oil??… maybe not.)

Anyway, yeah, if you’d like to try something a little different from Salonpas, Omega Painkiller, or Alaxan, why not ask a significant other to rub some Amu’in Hulay oil into you? It may just bring a little something extra into your evening, wink wink.