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Happy birthday, me!

Posted in Faith on 02/26/2009 by Ganns Deen

I celebrate my 32nd birthday today. Here’s my birthday wish: sana by the end of the year, my age and waistline match.


Fasting, Day 6

Posted in Faith, From the Future Thin Guy on 01/14/2009 by Ganns Deen

A couple of fresh pineapple tidbits for breakfast, two bowls of soup at around 4:00pm for an uber-late lunch, and then a meal of Greek salad, a chicken leg, a slice of pizza, and parmesan fries for dinner. It still technically falls into the fast but it feels like a fast fail. LOL

One more day to go! Woot! I know God’s going to answer my faith goals for 2009, I know it!

  • 160 lbs final weight by end of 2009
  • To have run a total of 500 kilometers by the end of 2009
  • Grace and wisdom for my work
  • Good health for all of us
  • Healing for Cathy’s dad
  • The safe pregnancy of Melody Catipon
  • For grace and wisdom for Tita Nora to raise her kids in God’s way
  • A Volkswagen Beetle (Hey! John 14:14 “If you ask for anything in my name, I will do it.” And I believe a second car will bless us beyond measure for our scheduling problems and since we live so far away. So why not?)