About the Future Thin Guy

The Future Thin Guy’s real name is James Michael Gannon ‘Ganns’ Deen. A 31-year-old God-servant, the Future Thin Guy is married to a beautiful woman named Catherine, with whom he has two children, effervescent five-year-old Nathan and rambunctious one-year-old Nicola.

Please visit my other two websites, Superblessed and Life With Gina.


7 Responses to “About the Future Thin Guy”

  1. Nice blog. I had a weight loss program too this year. Cutting my waistline from 36 to 32. So far its at 33. Plenty of running and great food. Although, I admit that I still eat a lot at fast foods. Join us also at takbo.ph for the different running events around the Metro. Goodluck 😀

  2. Thank you, Jinoe! That’s a very inspiring story. I visited your website, and linked you up as well. Thanks for the invitation to Takbo.ph. God superbless.

  3. reading your blog has given me the motivation i need to lose weight myself! im off to go look for a good cheap pedometer! 🙂

  4. Yay, Kiko! I’m happy to hear that! PHP250 at Chris Sports Plaza. Go for it! 🙂

  5. lifestartsnow Says:

    congrats on your achievements so far! you look like you lost a lot more when i compare the two pictures on top.

    keep it up!


  6. Holy shit, man! Congratulations on the progress. It’s insane! I need to lose the belly, too.

  7. Hi! Please email me at cesar.alagar@finishline.ph ASAP. we would like to invite you to an event.

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