The runs: 3K

I admit it: I haven’t been running.

Chalk it up to general laziness, and I confess that i caught myself on this several times in the past few days. I’m slipping, and I’m glad I caught it in time. Thanks in great part to a friend, Poll, who sent me an inspirational video that basically shocked me out of my lethargy. That, in combination with Britney Spears’ Work Bitch (which I have three versions of: the original, a remix featuring RuPaul, and another remix featuring RuPaul and Missy Elliot), basically ensured I would get up today.

(Also, a friend told me another friend of mine, who I look up to immensely, has been running 10K daily. DAILY! Dude, that’s obscene. So proud of you!)

But it wasn’t easy: I hadn’t been running, so my legs were obviously surprised I decided to take ’em for a little stroll run. By the end of the third kilometer, they were like jelly. (Hey, I’m 218 lbs. Don’t hate on the fat guy.)

I also installed a new running app called Runtastic. It’s not that I was unhappy with Noom Pro, but I wanted to know my progress in kilometers, not miles, and Noom, for some reason, measures in miles, and won’t let me change to kilometers. (Or I haven’t figured out how to do it.)

Anyway, Runtastic was indeed that: runtastic. It allowed me to set a distance goal on the free version, and I appreciated how it told me the distance I had left. Plus, when the speaker came on to tell me my progress, I could hear it over Britney and RuPaul telling I’d “better work, bitch!”

Yeah, I want a hot body. I wanna look good in a bikini. (Well, maybe not. But I do want that hot body. So I’d better work!)

So… kamusta na you?


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