The Runs: 3.5km

I did a 3.5km run today. I think I did pretty well – and I’m looking forward to doing some more walking during my lunch hour to deal with the horrific breakfast I had – 3/4 cup rice with a hotdog and a fried egg – and preparing for tonight’s Greek dinner with my friend Raft3r.

I’m preparing to start P90X very soon. I’m watching some videos and going over the diet plan. Over the course of the next few weeks, I hope to be able to buy my very own punching bag. (Let’s go!)


One Response to “The Runs: 3.5km”

  1. dietboy Says:

    hey! it’s good to hear that you are running. how much is the punching bag? i think it would be cheaper if you just enroll in a boxing gym. 1500 for 10 sessions. that’s 150 per session (with a trainer). i bet that’s way cheaper than most of your meals. but if time is your problem, then go ahead and buy that bag! tell me more about p90x. is that similar to crossfit?

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