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The 90-Day Challenge

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 10/02/2010 by Ganns Deen

Over at the church in Greenhills where I work, the pastors and staff have decided to implement a 90-Day Challenge. Basically, it’s like a The Biggest Loser challenge, where members pay a small fee to join, then, after 90 days, the person who drops the greatest BMI percentage wins the pot.

Now frankly, I’m a little concerned about the pot. I don’t have much money, and while Php1,500 may not be enough to buy a condominium in Makati, it still is quite a sum. I don’t know… at Php1,500 a pop, if 10 people join, that’s Php15,000! And while some people think it may be an unfair advantage to some – they have time to work out, some of us don’t, LOL – I think I can be creative about it and put in a good run.

What do you think? Should I join the 90-Day Challenge?