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I have a Pilates ball!

Posted in Exercise on 04/29/2009 by Ganns Deen

A friend from the church in the Philippines that I work for blessed me with a Pilates ball! WOOT!

Where can I find good Pilates exercises involving a large Pilates ball? Who’s used one to help strengthen her/his core?


Healthier breakfasts are LUV

Posted in Diet on 04/28/2009 by Ganns Deen

I love buying healthy!

Coming straight from the church in the Philippines where I work, my wife and I headed for SaveMore Supermarket’s Mesa branch at the corner of Araneta and Aurora Boulevards. That’s our favorite supermarket, thanks to the incredible bargains there. (Witness: six bars of Safeguard soap and a nine-roll toilet paper pack for only PHP150? NICE!)

My breakfasts are all set. We bought a liter of skim milk to go with my high-fiber wheat flakes, several jars of low-fat yogurt, sunflower seeds for the cravings, and juice for my psyllium husks. A small loaf of sugar-free, high-fiber bread so I can make tuna sandwiches for lunch (I’m dreaming of a spinach and cheese toasted sandwich a la Cibo!).

I am so psyched! Wait until I show my colleagues at my Taguig church! They’re so supportive!

The temple is changing

Posted in Diet on 04/22/2009 by Ganns Deen

Yesterday was an awful day, yet it was a good one.

We handled an important video shoot that took up pretty much the whole day. As a result, all I had to eat were a few chips in the morning and a Fully Loaded KFC meal at around 3:00pm. By around 4:00pm, my head was spinning from exhaustion and, no doubt, the MSG in all that horrifyingly unhealthy food.

To top it all off, I spent two and a half hours on the road, thanks to several flash floods that kept me driving until 8:00pm.

The good news is, despite the awful day, I know my body is changing for the better. Any other day, the old me would’ve been able to handle all that terrible food. Now that I know I react that way, I have more motivation to avoid it. Yea for me!

Kenny Rogers Snacktime Savers

Posted in The Future Thin Guy Likes with tags on 04/19/2009 by Ganns Deen

I had forgotten how delicious and healthy Kenny Rogers Roasters meals were. Thanks to my good friend, Noelle, who reminded me that Roasters served healthy foods and snacks, I reacquainted myself with the franchise at their Market! Market! branch and found myself more than satisfied.

For the second time in a week, I ordered a Combo 4 (1/4 roasted chicken, rice, and Kenny’s Lite Iced Tea) for dine-in and a Chunky Tuna sandwich to take out. At PHP129 for the former and PHP75 for the latter, it’s a more than decent option compared to the cheaper but more unhealthy selections available for the health-conscious shopper.

When I bought my tuna sandwich today, however, I was given a sheet of paper that had the information on the left (click to enlarge). It was a flyer for Kenny Rogers Snacktime Savers: apparently, when you buy a sandwich, you can buy a second one at 50% off.

That’s a ridiculously good bargain, especially for me! That’s two chunky tuna sandwiches or two chunky chicken sandwiches for only a little over PHP100. Or two absolutely delicious pesto and mozarella sandwiches for PHP150. I don’t know about you, but for someone trying to watch portion size, this is a great relief! (I intend to try the other sandwiches now, believe me; I know the “chunky” ones aren’t as healthy as the others, thanks to the mayonnaise, but methinks it’s a filling and better option to the burgers or ulam-and-two-rice options that I usually accustom myself to during lunches at the office.)

I’m in the Philippine Star

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy, weight and see on 04/14/2009 by Ganns Deen

Check it out! The Nesvita winners were featured in today’s Philippine Star! How fun is that?

Victory Church’s communications director James Michael Deen found out about the video contest through an online link. Since he was already on his weight-loss program as stated in his blog, James decided to join the contest and make it his testimonial on how he dropped his weight from 234 to 198 lbs. His entry entitled “Little Things Count,” which he did for two days, made it to the top 10 videos and won for him an iPod Nano.

Welcome, PhilStar readers! Bookmark the Future Thin Guy and help hold me accountable! 🙂


Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 04/11/2009 by Ganns Deen

I confess I’ve been remiss.

I’m currently at 206, just like last month. I have not been running, but I fully intend to resume doing so once I drop down to 200lbs. I think it’s vital I resume my weight training, which I will resume tomorrow, Easter Sunday. Christ rises from the dead, and so will my weight training program! Haha.