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Top 7 Reasons Why You Won’t See Me In A Singlet

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 01/31/2009 by Ganns Deen

I’ve been surfing some of my favorite runners’ blogs, and I notice something that many of them have in common: the runners’ singlet. Far be it from me to spurn athletic wifebeaters, but I just can’t bring myself to wear a singlet, certainly not at this point in my weight loss program.

Here are the Top 7 reasons why you won’t see me running in a singlet anytime soon.

7. I’ve got acute dermatitis that isn’t cute at all. Some people call it galis; I call it allergies.

6. The ankh tattoo on my nape needs retouching.

5. My arms aren’t long enough to be sexy.

4. The Calvin and Hobbes tattoo on my arm needs retouching.

3. No singlet released thus far matches my favorite blue-and-white-gumamela swim trunks-turned-running shorts.

2. Jiggly fatty arms. Ewwwwww.

And the number one reason why you won’t see me running in a singlet… Continue reading


The Vampire Runs

Posted in Exercise on 01/29/2009 by Ganns Deen

I ran again this morning with Edward and Bella. (To the first-timers, Edward is my Nike+ pedometer; Bella is my iPod Nano. They are recent acquisitions to help me in my weight loss program, and named appropriately after the main characters in the Twilight saga, my wife’s favorite book series.)

I am enjoying myself immensely! Thanks to my Marware Sportsuit Sensor, Edward stays firmly in place during the runs; I don’t feel him at all, and I’ve glanced occasionally to check if he’s still there, the velcro in the sportsuit ensures he stays put. Panalo!

Bella, meanwhile, plays a steady succession of great tunes to keep me going – especially after running a kilometer and a half. Man, I’m out of shape! – until the end of my run. Today’s mix featured, among other great tracks, Madison Avenue’s Don’t Call Me Baby, Cut N’ Move’s 90s chestnut Get Serious, and Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It), which was fun because its faster pace rejuvenated me somewhere in the run. And, of course, Nicole C. Mullen’s Sometimes, which is the PowerSong for this week.

It really feels like the vampire runs because I start running at 5:00am. It’s still night out, and there are hardly any other souls in the street save for the occasional early-morning jogger runner like me. I like the quiet time: it gives me a chance to just focus on the run, my breathing, and the road. One time, I swear, this swarm of bats came out of a tree and frightened the bejesus out of me. Thank goodness I had the nerve not to scream like a little schoolgirl. (I screamed like a little schoolboy.)

How are your run schedules? Do you have vampire runs too? Do fangs sprout out of your gums with the chill morning air? Maybe we should have a run at, like, midnight, and call it the Vampire Runs so the call center runners can join us too! LOL

Good massage oil for aching muscles

Posted in The Future Thin Guy Likes on 01/29/2009 by Ganns Deen

The past three days have been hard on my muscles. The chilly weather, my recent fast, and my hectic schedule haven’t helped start the year quite right, and in between the lower body work Tuesday, yesterday’s “welcome back” run, and this morning’s upper body routine, well, I’m all ouchies.

Thankfully, Cathy has a collection of massage oils meant specifically for this purpose. My favorite is the Amu’in Hulay Massage Oil with Lavender and Ylang-Ylang. Apparently, it’s meant to calm the senses and relax sore muscles, so when Cathy rubs some of this oil into my aching legs and arms… it’s just heaven! She really likes Amu’in because it’s locally produced, made with organic ingredients (fair trade!), and is readily available (the Echo store in Serendra sells it, so I can just walk to get a new bottle when it runs out); me, I like it because it does the trick of easing the aches and pains. (It smells a little girly, but, come on, it’s lavender and ylang-ylang, not garlic and cheese… ooh, a garlic and cheese massage oil??… maybe not.)

Anyway, yeah, if you’d like to try something a little different from Salonpas, Omega Painkiller, or Alaxan, why not ask a significant other to rub some Amu’in Hulay oil into you? It may just bring a little something extra into your evening, wink wink.

Welcome, Inquirer readers!

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 01/27/2009 by Ganns Deen

How cool is that? There’s an article on the Nesvita Weight and See winners in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Welcome to Future Thin Guy if you’ve surfed in through there! Pro-Weight Management all around!


Runs with vampires… tomorrow

Posted in Oopsies! on 01/26/2009 by Ganns Deen

I confess I haven’t run with Edward and Bella yet. I’ve been so tired lately, which I’m sure is directly related to the fact that my exercise program is currently in limbo. Holy guacamole, I can hear my fat cells rejoicing. Well, to those lazy bastards, I say, I’m having the last laugh.

Today, I do upper body. Tomorrow, I run. I’m calibrating Edward up, I’m priming Bella with the best of 90s dance – yes, Cece Peniston and C&C Music Factory, haven’t found Right Said Fred yet – and I’m going to kickstart my program. I’m back to 200, so I’d better get moving if I expect to be 160 by the end of the year.

*Future Thin Guy bares his fangs*


Setting up Edward, my Nike+ iPod

Posted in The Runs! on 01/24/2009 by Ganns Deen

Nike and Apple tying up for the Nike+ iPod is a stroke of pure brilliance and genius!

For a beginning runner like me, having something like the Nike+ iPod makes running even more fun. There are so many options that keeping track of your progress becomes a breeze, and the variety keeps things exciting. I haven’t run yet but I am so excited! AS IN!!

Man, 2009 is gonna be SPECTACULAR!

By the way, my PowerSong for this week’s runs, which I’m kicking off tomorrow with a 5K at Grace Christian, is Sometimes by Nicole C. Mullen. Irresistible!

Nesvita Weight and See winners

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy, Mini Victories on 01/21/2009 by Ganns Deen

Today, I claimed the iPod Nano that you all have helped me win at Nesvita’s Weight and See Pro-Weight Management Best-Kept Weight Management Secrets Videomaking Competition. As one of the Top 10 finalists, I won an iPod Nano, and I want to thank all of you for helping make it happen. It will help change my life, now that I have the Nano to go with my Nike+, thereby making my runs more fun and efficient!

Once again, thank you all, and thank you, Nesvita (Leiza, Trixie, Jake, Chai, Irene… you’re all so welcoming!). Congratulations to all the winners as well.

Future Thin Guy, Cathy and Trixie of NesvitaThe Future Thin Guy with Trixie of Nesvita and his beautiful wife, Cathy

Future Thin Guy with Carmen & JulianWith fellow finalists Carmen & Julian of “The Secret”

Hot Chick with Douchebags

They wanted a “Hot Chicks with Douchebags” photo; I was only too happy to oblige.

With BellaWith Bella, my new iPod Nano