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See you in ’09!

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 12/27/2008 by Ganns Deen

The Future Thin Guy is off to Hong Kong with his wife and kids from today until the first of January.

In case I can’t get to y’all on time, I just wanna say Happy New Year!, and here’s to a healthy, life-affirming year ahead for all of us! Run with it!


Now I can use my Nike+ iPod even without Nike+ shoes!

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 12/26/2008 by Ganns Deen

Yea for the Marware Sportsuit Sensor+!For the past few days, I was quite concerned about using Edward, my new Nike+ iPod Running Assistant, without Nike+ shoes. For Edward to work properly, he needs to be snug somewhere on my shoe so he can monitor the distance, speed, and time of each of my individual runs.

Thanks to a lifesaver named cga1111 who posted in one of my blog posts’ Comments sections and directed me to Greenhills, I found the Marware Sportsuit Sensor+, a special case designed for the Nike + iPod wireless sensor that attaches the device securely and safely to any running shoe! I mean, WOOT!

Made of extremely protective neopreme and rubber, with a strong velcro closure, the Sportsuit Sensor+ will store Edward snugly against the laces of my Mizuno Wave Elixir 3, allowing him to track my runs accurately.

I tried searching for a device like the Sportsuit Sensor+ at several PowerMac stores – I doubted Nike would sell it because, heck, they want us to wear the Nike+ shoes, diba? – but to no avail. Thank God for people like cga6111, who directed me to iGig at the Promenade. I was out of luck when I got there; it was sold out (and discounted too, according to the salesladies). Not one to give up easily on something I set my sights on, I proceeded to VMall, where I combed the third floor for it, going through every possible store that sold these types of accessories, including Digital Walker.

I soon walked into a store called Digital Source, where I saw a Marware iTouch armband. I asked one of the salesladies if she had any other Marware items on sale, and she said they didn’t. I was about to go when I decided to describe Edward, and she said that was the item she had. I said it wasn’t, then she pointed me to another Marware box hidden elswhere on display! I found it!

After paying PHP800 for it (that’s still PHP3,200 cheaper than the cheapest pair of Nike+ running shoes, which I don’t need right now since I have my Mizunos), I walked out of Digital Source extremely satisfied.

Ang kulang na lang, si Bella, my soon-to-be-obtained iPod Nano, which I will get in January from the kind folks at Nesvita. (I’m actually buying myself a box of Nesvita Pro-Weight Management to take with me to Hong Kong as part of my morning regimen; let’s see how that goes.) Once Bella joins my happy tech family, wow, I can’t begin to imagine the kind of leaps and bounds my health will be taking for the better.

2009’s gonna be awesome!

I’ma gone burn that Christmas weight off in HK even if it kills me!

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 12/25/2008 by Ganns Deen

This may be the first time in my 31 years on this Earth that I did not gain any weight during the Christmas season.

Thanks to an ill-timed – little disease-related pun right there, badabum-TSS! – bout with the flu, I found myself bedridden for two days and relatively inactive the next two. However, with that flu also came a lack of appetite, so I downed tons of water, antiviral medicine Tamiflu, too many ponkans and oranges to count, and chicken porridge (arroz caldo), the preferred Filipino staple for colds, cough, flu, and whatever other sicknesses you may have.

I lost a few pounds, but I’m sure some of that was muscle I’d worked hard to build. That’s a bit disconcerting, but there is good news. I fly to Hong Kong on the 28th with my wife and two children, a hyperactive five-year-old boy and a hyperactive one-and-a-half-year-old girl. Running after them all over Hong Kong – including the much-vaunted HK Disneyland, which we’re all visiting for the first time – will definitely help me burn more fat and hopefully tone my legs. Hahahaha.

I can’t imagine the Kowloon side of Hong Kong having the kind of cuisine that’ll build up fat. If it’s anything like Vietnamese cuisine, with their tons of great vegetables, flavorful broths, and choice lean meats, well then, this could be the perfect 2008 year ender and a spectacular way to start 2009, which will be legendary!

45 pounds in 2009. That’s the goal. 160 by the end of 2009. Kayang-kaya.

A positive attitude: how can you not have it after realizing Someone who came to save me celebrated His birthday today?

Merry Christmas, you guys!

Merry Christmas from the Future Thin Guy!

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 12/24/2008 by Ganns Deen

May the love of Jesus Christ, a man who certainly lived a healthy lifestyle, shine upon you this Yuletide! 🙂

And the runs just flu…

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 12/24/2008 by Ganns Deen

I’m now on the second day of the flu. My joints hurt and my body feels like it’s been run over by a steamroller. Thank God I don’t have a fever, and the aches aren’t nearly as close to the aches that came with the flu I had two years ago. That one was so bad, I couldn’t sleep because the pain was just unbearable. Now, I can actually surf in bed.

Before I came down with this miserable flu, Cathy and I had that walk I blogged about previously. I knew something wasn’t quite right because I felt dizzy while walking. Typical male – refuses to say anything until he drops dead. Mark my words, though, 2009 will be a phenomenal year.

Walking with Caths for ponkan

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 12/22/2008 by Ganns Deen

This morning, Cathy joined me for a casual walk to the Grace Christian fruit stand where I buy my fruit, for two bags of ponkan. It was the first time she joined me for a walk in a while. The walk to the fruit stand isn’t exactly the safest, because we have to pass through some relatively noisy blocks in Balingasa to get there, and with the people and the traffic, it can get a bit harrowing. After that, though, it’s a quiet stretch until the fruit stand. Classes at Grace are suspended for the Christmas break, so it was serene and peaceful.

We talked about many things. We talked about our Christmas party plans. We talked about our fitness plans. We talked about Nathan’s education, and his personality, and how he was such a blessing. We talked about our time together. We watched out for each other. We walked and talked.

When we got there, at around 8:20am, the fruit stand was closed. No ponkan for me.

We walked back hand in hand. When we got home, a taho vendor strolled by, so I bought her and Nathan a glass of taho.

It was a very good walk.

I’ve got the Nike Plus Running Assistant! WOOT!

Posted in Exercise, From the Future Thin Guy, weight and see on 12/20/2008 by Ganns Deen

Nike Plus Running Assistant (The Coach!)It’s here! It’s here!

My Nike Plus Running Assistant (The Coach!) is here! I bought it the other day with Cathy’s full-fledged support, and it’s more beautiful than I ever could’ve dreamed of! LOL

Ever since Pastor Joey spoke about this little device back in July, I’d wanted one. It allows a person to track his runs systematically and scientifically so that he can see his progress in a more graphic, user-friendly way. It syncs with the iPod Nano, which means you can set your own playlists and stuff, get regular “encouragement” at timed spots along the way, and allows you to upload your material onto a special website, which, in turns, allows you to compare your runs with other runners from across the world. (He says the encouragement comes from famous athletes, but I won’t know until I actually try it.)

I wanted it BAD. Problem was, I didn’t have the money to buy a Nano. It just seemed a little extravagant, especially since I have either Noah, my Nokia 5300 XPress Music, or Shane, my wife’s first-gen iPod Shuffle, to provide me decent music on the runs. But thanks to the Nesvita Pro-Weight Management Weight and See Best-Kept Weight Management Secrets Video Contest, I’ve got a new iPod Nano coming in January! So I can justify the purchase of this device to help my runs significantly! Woot woot! (I’m naming that Nano “Bella,” and this running device “Edward,” in honor of my wife’s fascination with the “Twilight” vampire played by Robert Pattinson. This is so I can secretly step on him daily.)

I also have a little problem with the shoes, since they’re not Nike Plus shoes, but I’ve found several good alternatives, with this one on a particularly interesting and promising buy. I’ve also found some other do-it-yourself ideas online, but if I can purchase this one, that’d be great.

I can’t wait to run with Edward and Bella!