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Who’s back, baby?

Posted in Exercise, Race For Life on 10/31/2008 by Ganns Deen

Did a brief 4K today just to get myself back on track in preparation for Race For Life. (Sali na!) These were my times per kilometer.

1 (Brisk Walk) 10:08

2 (BW) 9:47

3 (Jog) 7:14

4 (BW) 9:20

Perry says I did 5,362 steps, good for a 260-calorie burn. I can totally live with this initial time, considering I haven’t run in a week. I don’t want to be all crazy and go 10K right out. The important thing is to keep at the program. Tomorrow, I’ll probably do weight training to get myself back on Body For Life.

A couple of things I also need to remember:

  1. Since I am in total and complete control of myself for the next week since my wife will be out of town, I’m thinking of high protein salads for lunch and dinner, with carbs only before my morning runs. Snacks are back to fruits and hard-boiled eggs – goodbye, chips, and good riddance! – and
  2. I need to work on Video Blog #4. I’m thinking of building that up towards Race For Life. Sali na sa Race For Life! I’ll definitely be there!

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Oh, did I mention Race for Life? Sali na sa Race For Life!


I confess…

Posted in From the Future Thin Guy on 10/31/2008 by Ganns Deen

… the past week has been difficult.

… I have eaten more chips and chocolate this week than I have since June.

… I still haven’t had a drop of soda, but I downed fresh orange juice virtually daily to get rid of my cold which was 88 grams of sugar per liter.

… I am a little disheartened because I KNOW I’ve gained some weight back. Since my scale is still broken, I don’t know how much I’ve gained back but I know it’s substantial.

… I haven’t run because I’ve been sick, and I haven’t weight lifted in four days.


… I am still determined to get back on track. It starts tomorrow with a planned run to get back into the groove.

… Cathy will be flying to Australia for the next week, which means since the kids’ meals are going to be spoken for, I can be more flexible with my diet at least for the next few days. (Salad!!) It also means I can control a little bit more of my time, which means I can work out a little longer. (Working out will also help me deal with the inevitable loneliness.)

… I crave your prayers. The Bible says I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me (Phil 4:13), but in moments of weakness, your spiritual and emotional support is invaluable. Thank you in advance.

10000 Steps (Oct 30 08)

Posted in 10000 Steps a Day Journal on 10/31/2008 by Ganns Deen

11,598 steps, not inclusive of the walk to Krispy Kreme. It was a good day. Today at the office, I am literally alone, save for my boss, the MaxiMaezer. This means a lot of time to potentially walk during lunchtime and really enjoy some time to myself while working. It’s gonna be great.

Krispy Kreme and a good walk

Posted in Exercise on 10/30/2008 by Ganns Deen

Since I wasn’t able to run today, I decided to walk from the office to Krispy Kreme High Street to buy a box of the Halloween-themed donuts for my kids. The 8AM sun was nice and hot, the donuts looked lovely, and the total for the 30-minute walk to and from Krispy Kreme felt awesome. The downside was Perry reset somewhere again, and therefore, the steps aren’t reliable. Boo.

10000 Steps (Oct 29 08)

Posted in 10000 Steps a Day Journal, Exercise on 10/29/2008 by Ganns Deen

Yesterday, 5,842 steps.

The past six weeks were one continuous backslide. My cough/cold has really taken a toll on me, and I can literally feel the pounds slipping back on. So here’s the backup plan for the next week:

Friday – 5K brisk walk because I don’t want to overdo it after a week in the clink

Saturday – weight training for lower body

Sunday – 4K brisk walk coupled with 2K run

Monday – Cheat day (which I will use to take Nathan to his school mock interview) but I’ll still try to squeeze in weight training for upper body

Tuesday – 4K brisk walk, 3k run

That is the new evil plan, and barring weather disturbances, that’s what we’re sticking to. And, of course, everyday, 10,000 steps.

10000 Steps (Oct 28 08)

Posted in 10000 Steps a Day Journal on 10/29/2008 by Ganns Deen

A new low. 2,908 steps. Seriously gotta do something about this. This morning, I did arm weight training, but I’m seriously upset I haven’t run in almost a week! FutureThinGuy is MAD, which is always good for a good kilo loss or two.

Darn weather!!

Posted in Exercise on 10/27/2008 by Ganns Deen

Tell me how I’m supposed to run with no air, air air… It rained hard this morning… so I slept in. Darn it! Darn it darn it darn it!!

I feel myself getting fat again. I’d better do 20 minutes or so of some kind of aerobic activity, or I’m so screwed. Maybe I’ll just dance stupidly while showering. Every little movement helps.

Zap your innards… All this medicine I’ve been taking for my cold is melting my insides out. Ugh. When I was running and weight training, I was going with some regularity. Now, it’s all messed up. Man, I miss my workouts! I can feel my fats saying “He’s tapered off! Let’s get jiggly with it!”

Meanwhile, it’s 7AM and I’m late. Off to work! For lunch, maybe I’ll do 30 minutes around the mall so I can meet my 10,000 step requirement. Have a great day, everyone!